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The site primarily records my ancestors - including Gilbert (Staffordshire), Ludford (Warwickshire), Lawrence (Staffordshire), Hodgetts (Warwickshire, Staffordshire), Bullock (Staffordshire), Mewis (Staffordshire), Taylor (Derbyshire) and Mallin (Warwickshire) on my father's side and Blomeley (Lancashire), Kettle (Cheshire), Wood (Lancashire), Purcell (Shropshire), Hallows (Cheshire), Bradburn (Lancashire), Taylor (Cheshire) and Pritchard (Shropshire) on my mother's side.

The purpose of the site is to allow other family members to share information, to give other researchers access to the information and to enable the exchange of common data.

In order to protect the privacy of living individuals, details are hidden. A User Account is required to view information on your close living relatives, and will be provided to family members on request (follow link to Login above).

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Staffordshire, Stafford: Saint Mary's church
Staffordshire, Stafford: Saint Mary's church

Isaac Bullock/Ann Collins (1782), James Betteley/Susanna Bullock (1823), Thomas Newbold Bott/Eleanor Bullock (1827), James Silvester/Martha Inskip (1827), James Tooth/Jane Silvester (1852), John Taylor/Fanny Silvester (1857), James Silvester/Ann Bunn (1871), William George Parsons/Fanny Taylor (1881), Arthur James Moore/Sarah Ann Talbot (1885), William Ainge/Mary Ann Silvester (1886), Thomas Augustus Yates/Anne Talbot (1886), Herbert Rutty/Harriet Eliza Mills (1887).were all married in this church. Ellen Susannah Bullock (1839), John Gilbert (1839), Abraham Bullock (1848), William Gilbert (1850) were buried here.
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