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 Elusive People

Emma Ludford (née Hodgetts)

Emma Ludford is present at the time of the 1871 census (2 April 1871), and daughter Gertrude Ludford was born 1 July 1871.

Husband Thomas Ludford died in 1879, as did daughter Edith Amy.

However, by the time of the 1881 census (3 April 1881) there is no sign of Emma Ludford.

The 2 remaining youngest children, Ernest and Gertrude are staying with elder brother Thomas, his wife Elizabeth Esther (née Mears) and their daughter Annie, but where is Emma?

Further information has been revealed (4 December 2010). In his Will, written 9 November 1878, husband, Thomas Ludford says "I state that it is not my intention to make any provision for my Wife Emma Ludford in this my Will".

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 Mystery Photos

Where is this?

Do not know where this is. Thought at one time to be Glossop Grammar School, but not so. The photograph was filed with other family photographs, so is assumed to have a connection to either Kettle or Blomeley families. Or does it?
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1933 Unknown
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